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Bengalivo With out Words "Matrtix" and Praslins Pure Gold
2 Rosetted Girls and 4 Rosetted Boys
We are extremely happy with this litter. Both girls are stunning. Girl 2 looks just like Gold did as a kitten.Girl 1 is WOW. The boys are gorgeous also. We love the boys also first picks would be 1 and 2 for show / breeders.  They are pictured at 19 days old. 
Girl 1 Sold
girl 1 face gold
gold girl 1 2015 a
Gold girl 1 Feb 27 2015
Girl 2
girl 2 gold face 27 2015
gold girl 2 right 2015 27
gold girl 2 left 2015
Boy 1 Sold
Boy 1 Gold right 2015
Gold boy 1 left 2015
Boy 2 
boy 2 gold 272015
Boy 2 gold 27 2015
Boy 3
Boy 3 gold 2015 27
Gold boy 3 2015
Boy 4
boy 4 right 2015
boy 4 left 2015 a
Koppiekatz Kadillac and Kanpur Obsession  
One boy Born February 8, 2015  
We are very sad to tell you that we had to spay Obsession. She had a very difficult birth and we did not have any choice. Obsession is one of our dream girls and we are very sad that we are losing her from our program. The good thing is she is healthy and can be placed in a pet home.   
If you can give Obsession the perfect home we would love to hear from you.   
This boy is amazing, we wish he was a girl so we would have a replacement for Obsession.   
  diana21[1]oby left june 17 2013  
Boy 19 days old He is really a special boy.   
obby boy face  
obby boy right  
obby boy left  

Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur and Kiabindhi Coco Chanel

Coco has been spayed and we are looking for a forever pet home for her. She will be ready for her pet home atound the 5th of April. She is a sweet girl but need to go in a home with no other cats.

Dogs are fine, she loves our dogs. If you can give Coco a forever home we would love to hear from you.  

Born January 10, 2015, 3 rosetted girls and 1 rosetted boy 

diana21[1] coc-face-july-9-2012[1]

girl 3 face jan 2015


girl 3 coco jan 28


coco girls 3 jan 15



Bengalivo With out Words and Dazzledots Onyx on Ice
2 Rosetted Girls and 2 rosetted boys
Onyx has been spayed and has her perfect pet home.. Over the years with us Onyx has given us many beautiful kittens. We now have 3 keeper Bengals from her. She will be very missed by us.
Boy 2 Pending
onyx boy face 28 15
onyx boy 28 15
onyx boy jan 28 2015
oynx girl 2
oynx girl jan28 15
onyx girl 15
  CH Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur  and Kanpur Kiki
  1 Rosetted Girl,1 Rosetted boy and 1 Marble boy
    KiKi face and body April 24 2013diana2
  face boy kiki jan30
  boy kiki 2015
  kiki boy a 15
  Marble boy
  marble boy kiki jan 30
  kiki boy a marble jan 30
  kiki marble boy jan 30

Upcoming Litters


Koppiekatz Kadillac and Kanpur Gucci Premiere  ( She is out of Praslins Heaven Sent and Kanpur Checkmate a Matrix son) Bred

Koppiekatz Kadillac and Kanpur Dolce and Gabbana (Dolce is from Femme and Matrix) bred

Koppiekatz Kadillac and Kanpur Midnight Romance  (Romance is out of Onyx and Matrix) Bred

Koppiekaz Kadillac and Heavens Sent  Bred

Bengalivo With out Words "Martix" and  Elysor Femme Fatale bred



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