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Bengalivo With out Words "Matrix" and Praslin's Pure Gold
Kittens born September 12, 2015
1 Rosetted Girl and 3 Rosetted Boys
We are extremely happy with these kittens, they are all sweet like Gold and Matrix. They have short tight coats, have a nice light back ground coat with beautiful huge rosetting. They have good heads and nice thick tails. They are pictured at 26 days old.
Girl Pending
Girl Gold face
gold girl
gold girl a
Boy 1
boy 1 face gold
boy 1 a
Boy 1 gold
Boy 2
Face gold boy 2
boy 2 Gold a
Boy 2 Gold
Boy 3
boy 3 face
boy 3 Gold a
Boy 3 gold


We have a stunning boy out of Femme and and Matrix. He has been neutered and is ready to go to his pet home. He was born on May 1, 2015. He is sweet and would make the best pet. We love this boy, he is good with our 2 dogs and people. He has only lived at Kanpur.
Femme boy a
Femme boy
Femme boy v


Bengalivo with out Words "Matrix" and Praslins Heavens Sent
Kittens Born August 26, 2015

We could not be happier with this litter. All four are just stunning. They all have gorgeous patterns and beautiful colors. They are sweet like Heaven and Matrix. Love being held even if Heaven does not like it yet. More updates as they get older. They are at 25 days old.

face book
Girl 1 Going to Nikoletta Praslin Bengals
girl 1 face
girl 1 a
girl 1
Girl 2 Sold
girl 2 face
girl 2 a
girl 2
Boy 1 Sold to Brazil
face boy 1
boy 1 a
boy 1sept 19
Boy 2 Sold  to USA
boy 2 face
bpy 2 sept 19
boy 2
KoppieKatz Kadillac of Kanpur and Kanpur Gucci Premiere
1 Rosetted Boy Born  July 19, 2015
  diana21[1]Gucci Premire

He is a stunning boy with jet black outlines to his rosettes. He is a big boy with a very nice head. Nice thick tail and good ear size. 

He is super sweet just like Kadillac and Gucci. We love this boy.

Male Sold
gucci boy face
Gucci boy a
Gucci boy

Upcoming Litters


Bengalivo With out Words "Martix" and  Elysor Femme Fatale

Bengalivo With out Words "Matrix" and Kanpur Kiki  Kittens Born September 19. 2015 1 Rosetted Male 2 Marble Males and 1 Marble Female

Bengalivo With out Words "Matrix" and Praslins Heavens Sent .

Bengalivo With out Words and Kanpur Wonderstruck Bred

Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur and Kanpur Dolce and Gabbana 

 Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur and Kanpur Gucci Bred