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We will be away from the 25-29 enjoying the American Thanksgiving with our American family. I will answer all of my emails when I get back. Thank you, Diana 

Koppiekatz Kaddilac and Kanpur Midnight Romace
4 Kittens born October 16  3 Rosetted Girls and 1 Boys
boy face noodle
boy a
boy b
Girl 1 Sold
girl 1 face
girl 1 noodle
girl 1
Girl 2
face girl 2
girl 2
girl 2 right
Girl 3
face girl 3
girl a n
Sire: Bengalivo with out Words of Kanpur "Matrix" Kanpur  Dam: Elysor Satin
We have one beautiufl girl that is available. She is available as a breeder or a top qauitly pet 
Satin Girl b
Satin Girl a
Sire: Bengalivo with our Words of Kanpur"Matirx"    Dam: Myanmar One in a Million 
We also have a Proven Stud who is 7 months old.
big boy b
big boy a
We have two marble boys available. They are ready to leave around the 19th of December.
Boy 1 Available as a Pet
face boy 1
boy 1 kiki right
boy 1
Boy 2
boy 2 face kiki
boy 2 right 22
boy 2 left


Bengalivo With out Words "Matrix" and Praslin's Pure Gold
Kittens born September 12, 2015
1 Rosetted Girl and 3 Rosetted Boys
We are extremely happy with these kittens, they are all sweet like Gold and Matrix. They have short tight coats, have a nice light back ground coat with beautiful huge rosetting. They have good heads and nice thick tails. They are pictured at 26 days old.
Gold is retiring after she weans her kittens. We have found her the perfect pet home . She will be missed by us, as we love her so much .But we realize we can not keep our retired Bengals so we find them the best homes.
Boy 1
boy 1 face nov 5 , 2015
gold boy 1 right nov 5, 2015
boy 1 left nov 5 2015
More inside pictures
boy 1 a
boy 1 bboy 1
gold boy c


Upcoming Litters



Bengalivo With out Words "Martix" and  Elysor Femme Fatale Bred

Bengalivo With out Words "Matrix" and Praslins Heavens Sent .

Bengalivo With out Words and Kanpur Wonderstruck Bred

Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur and Kanpur Dolce and Gabbana Bred

 Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur and Kanpur Gucci Bred

Bengalivo With out words "Matirix"and Kanpur Prima Donna "Diva" Bred

Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur and Kanpur Prada Bred.