We are now feeding our Bengals dry Taste of the Wild Grain Free.   Are kittens are eating Royal Canin Mother and Baby cat. They are also eating canned twice a day.  We feed our nursing moms cooked chicken twice a day to help with their milk supply. It really works well.

We also use Worlds Best Cat litter. We like this litter as it is safe for our kittens it is made of 100% corn. It is also environmentally friendly.

Parasite Control

We yearly test our Adult Bengals for HCM

To keep our Adult Bengals and kittens free from parasites we treat them with Baycox and Panacur. All of our Adult Bengals are Fel/FIV negative. All of our Bengals are Tritrichomonas Negative. We have started a policy to treat any new kittens coming into our cattery for Tritrichomonas.

Our Cattery

Our boys room: Our boys each have a room that is 5 feet by 11 feet. In their rooms are cat trees and shelves. They both have outside decks, that are 4 feet by 10 feet. They love their rooms.

Our nursery room: This is our quite room it has three rooms in it. Each room is 5 feet by 7 feet lots of room for Moms and Babies. Each room also has a shelve so Mom can have time out from her babies. New kittens stay in the nursery until they are around 5 to 6 weeks old. Then they go to our main cattery.

Our Main Cattery

Our main cattery consists of 5 rooms each room is 5 feet by 7 feet. Each room has a window for the Moms and kittens to look out. They can see the birds singing in the hedge, they sure love the birds. Each room has a shelve and at least one cat tree usually two in each room  They also have many toys.  There is a large play area of 25 feet by 9 feet that they play in everyday. It is completely outlined with cat trees. Also a cat wheel. They is a endless amount of toys, I love buying them. 

We welcome visitors to come and see our adult Bengals and our kittens, Monday- Saturday after 1 pm. We make Sundays our family day. Please call ahead to make a appointment.

Play time is always fun at Kanpur. We enjoy our special time we have with our kittens.  We try to take them out as a group so that they get used to each other and not just there littermates. It is great for the Mom's also as then they get a break from their kittens. Below are a couple of pictures of two litters playing together.




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