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Bengalivo With out Words  "Matrix" and Kanpur Prima Donna's 7 kittens. 




We also have two girls. They will make outstanding breeder girls. They are jsut ready to leave. Please email if you are interested. 

Girl 1

girl 1 a

girl 1 b

girl 1`

Girl 2

girl 2 b

girl 2 a

girl 2




Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur and Praslins Passionate Kisses 
Kittens Born February 27, 2017  1 Rosetted Girl and 1 Rosetted Boy and 3 Marble Girls.
diana21[1]passion b
Marble Girl 2 Pending
marble girl 2
marble girl 2 c
marble girl 2 a
Marble girl 3 Pending
dream girl 3 marble
passion girl 3 marble z
dream girl 3



Upcoming Litters


Oicspots Corvette StingRay of Kanpur  and Callista Pandora  

Oicspots Corvette StingRay of Kanpur and Kanpur Starlet Kittens Due June10, 2017

Bengalivo without Words "Matirx" and Kanpur Prima Donna  Kittens Born May 18, 2017   3 Rosetted Boys  1 Marble Boy and 1 Marble Girl

Oicpots Corvette StingRay of Kanpur and Koppiekatz Givenchy Kittens Due June 12, 2017

Oicspots Corvette Stringray of Kanpur and Kanpur Gucci Premiere Kittens Due June 19, 2017