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Our Beautiful Bengalivo With out Words "Matrix" Now retired but forever in our hearts. 


Ocispots Corvette Stingray and Kanpur Starlet
1 Girl and 2 Boys
diva girl 1 right
Boy 1 
Boy 2 Sold


Pet or breeder boy Available   ready to go now.




Ocispots Corvette Stingray and Praslin Seraphina
2 boys and 2 girls born Kitten born April 30, 2018
Will get a new picture of Seraphina.                                   
Seraphina b
Boy 1
Boy 2
Girl 1

Oicspots Corvette Stingray and Kanpur Dior Cherie 

Kittens Born April 28, 2018
Boy 1
Boy 2
Boy 3 Sold
Girl 1 Sold
Girl 2


We have two adult Bengals we are trying to rehome. If you can give these two Bengals a forever home please contact us. They are sweet and have no problems. They must go together. 


Upcoming Litters

Oasis Boss Mustang "The Boss" and Desert First   We call her Tiramisu Bred

Ocispots Corvette Stingray and Pillow talk     we call her "Baby" bred

Ocispots Corvette Stingray and Kanpur Prima Donna  Bred

Oicspots Corvette Stingray and Kanpur Gucci Premiere Bred

Oicspots Corvette Stingray and Koppiekatz Givenchy Dream Bred

Oasis Bengals Praslin Seraphina Bred

Oasis Bengals and Kanpur Cherie Dior Bred