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Koppiekatz Kadillac and Kanpur Dolce and Gabbana
1  Male Kitten



Dolce face

We love this boy. Beautiful contrast and coloring. Love this pairing once again. Kadillac puts the golden color on our kittens and Dolce 
stamps on her huge rosetting. Both parents have super sweet temperments so we know this boy will also. Again a super thick tail. 
Boy Sold
g boy 2016
g boy a



Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur and Kanpur Gucci
Born December 3, 2015
1 Rosetted Girl, 1 Rosetted Boy and 1 Marble Girl.

diana21[1]Gucci Premire


Girl Sold
girl face gucci rosetted
gucci girl right
gucci girl 1 2016
Marble Girl Sold
marble girl face Gucci
marble girl gucci jan 6 2016 right
Gucci girl marble jan 2016 left
Boy Sold
Gucci boy face
Bengalivo With out Words "Matrix" and Elysor Femme Fatale
One Rosetted Girl  Born November 26, 2015
  males001Femme left june 17 2013
She is absolutely amazing. We just love this girl. what a head she has, her facial expression is exciting. She has tiny ears that are nicely rounded. Huge rosetting, super thick tail and she is golden, like both parents and she is also a huge girl. She is super sweet, I held her after taking pictures and she cuddled right into my arms. She loves to be held.
Girl Sold
jan 1 femme girl 2016 face
femme girl right jan 1, 2016
femme girl left jan 1 2016


Bengalivo Without Words and Kanpur Wonderstruck
One Rosetted Boy and One Rosetted Girl   Born Decwember 1, 2015
We are completely in love with these two kittens. I just love the color of these babies. they have the creamy light undercoat, with the HUGE rosettes that we love. Both babies have great heads. thick tails. This is the combination that we were hoping for. As Wonderstruck's parents are Praslins Pure Gold and Koppiekatz Kadillac. We have both of our Sires in this breeding. Thank you my dear breeder friends for making this possible.


winnie left 


Boy Sold
winnie  boy jan 2016
winnie boy jan 1 ,2016
winnie boy left jan 1 ,2016
Girl Sold
face Winnie girl jan 1 2016
winnie girl  left jan 1 2016
winnie girl right jan 1 2016


Upcoming Litters



Bengalivo Without Words "Matrix" and Praslins Heavens Sent  Kittens Due February 17, 2016.

Bengalivo Without words "Matirix"and Eylor Femme Fatale Due March 18, 2016

Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur and Kanpur Prada Bred.

Kanpur Bugatti and Praslin Passionate Kisses Due March 14, 2016 

Bengalivo Without Words "Matrix" and Kanpur Kiki Born February 5, 2016. 1 Rosetted Girl, 2 Rosetted Boys, One Marble Boy and 1 Marble Girl. Pictures coming in 3 weeks.

Bengalivo With out words and Kanpur Midnight Romance Bred.