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Our Beautiful Bengalivo With out Words "Matrix"


I will be away from the 1st to the 8th of January.  When I get back I will answer your email's as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding


We are helping to rehome these beautiful girls . They are healthy and just need a home where they have a family that has time to spend with them. They are sweet girls that love to play and sit on your lap. Please email us or Jennifer at  jsteer03@gmail.com. 



Upcoming Litters


Ocispots Corvette Stingray of Kanpur and Praslins Heavens Sent Kittens born December 26, 2017 3 rosetted girls and 1 rosetted boy

Ocispots Corvette Stingray and Kanpur Dior Cherie Kittens born January 1, 2018  1 rosetted girl and 3 rosetted boys

Ocispots Corvette Stingray and Kanpur Gucci Due January 11, 2018

Ocispots Corvette Stingray and Kanpur Prima Donna Due February 28, 2018