Kanpur Dessert First aka Tiramisu
Pkdef n/n  Pra n/n negative.  Pictured at 3 weeks old
passion girl face
passion girl 1
passion girl 1 left
Oicspots Corvette Stingray of Kanpur
  passion b
                                                                                                                         Praslins Passionate Kisses
We are so in love with this girl. A dream come true for us.  Our first keeper girl from Stingray. She has the deepest color on her ultra short coat,. she has tiny ears, great profile,  a beautiful face and a nice thick tail. Still so young so more updates when she is a bit older.  


Kanpur Pillow Talk aka Baby

Pictured at 6 months old
face baby
b baby
baby september 16
Pkdef n/n  Pra n/n negative.  Pictured at 3 weeks old
face heaven girl 1
heaven girl 1 a
girl 1 heaven
Bengalivo With out Words "Matrix"                                                                            Praslins Heaven Sent
We have waited for 2 years for this girl. We are so excited for her. Baby is everything we wanted from Matrix and Heaven. Baby has the clouded rosettes and the black outlines. Baby has a very good head on her and a thick tail. She has a silky coat and a great profile. Thank you Matrix and Heaven for this outstanding girl.. 


Praslins Seraphina
Pkdef by parentage. Pra n/n negative.  Pictured at 5 weeks old
Seraphina b
Parslin Rogue
                                                                 Alfacat Voque
We are super excited about Seraphina coming to Kanpur. Another wonderful girl from our dear friend Nikoletta. We can not thank her enough for Seraphina. We have another new line here at Kanpur. She has exactly what we wanted in a Bengal. Stunning head beautiful  rosetting. We love her whited tummy She is still very young so more updates as she gets a bit older. Thank you so much Nikoletta we just love Seraphina.

Kanpur Dior Cherie

Pkdef normal   N/N Normal- no copies of the PRA-b Mutation n/n


New pictures at 9 Months old

sugar face


sugar z



Pictured at 4 weeks

Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur   HCM negative                                                                   Kanpur Midnight Romance  HCM negative
Sugar is the perfect girl down from Kadillac and Romance. Sugar is rosetted from shoulders to her bottom. We love her puffy whisker pads and she is a dream girl for us. Her coat is ultra short that feels like silk. She is golden like her dad Koppiekatz Kadlillac.  her personality is sweet and fast. she loves top play and can she ever go fast. she love to ride on shoulders. More updates as she get older. 
Kanpur Prima Donna
Pkdef normal   N/N Normal- no copies of the PRA-b Mutation 
diva a
                                Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur                                                                                  Kaibindhi Coco Chanel
We could not be happier with our Diva. She is a wonderful example of the Bengal breed. She has a long face with a perfect profile, full pink nose leather, small ears. We love her wild look. She has Kadillacs super thick tail, his profile and his golden color. We had to keep back something from Coco as she has produced some amazing show kittens she was also a wonderful mother. We will update her more as she gets older she is just 5 months old.   
Kanpur Starlet
Pkdef normal by parentage  N/N Normal- no copies of the PRA-b Mutation by parentage
diva girl 1 face
diva girl 1 right
diva girl 1 left
                               Sire: Bengalivo Without words "Matrix"                                                                                 Dam: Kanpur Prima Donna
When we saw Starlet born we just had to keep her. We knew she was a star and meant to stay with us. She is pictured at 3 weeks of age and we willl take new pictures of her as she grows.  



Koppiekatz Givenchy Dream
PK def n/n by parentage    N/N Normal- no copies of the PRA-b Mutation 
Dream may 26 a
dream may 26
dream b
GD 1
GD 2

Thank you Viki and Bruce for this wonderful girl for our breeding program. She adds a new line for us. on her motheres side. We are thrilled with Dream. Dream has a stunning head, big puffy whisker pads and a wonderful profile. She is a big solid built girl  We love her sweet personality and her golden color. We will update you more when she is older. Thank you once again for our second Koppiekatz kitten.

Sire: Kanpur Orion Of Koppiekatz HCM negative November 2014                                                                           Bengalias Roxanne Of Koppiekatz


Kanpur Kiki

PKdef normal          N/N Normal- no copies of the PRA-b Mutation 

KiKi face and body April 24 2013
kiki left April 24 2013           kiki right April 24 2013    


Aramis december 19 2013
Bengalivo Aramis of Kanpur HCM NegativeJune 6, 2012  PKdef normal

Kanpur Akeila HCM NegativeJune 6, 2012PKdef normal

We are extremely pleased with Kiki, she is our keeper girl from Bengalivo Aramis.  She is golden and has huge rosettes that are jet black outlined. She has gorgeous rosetted shoulders. Both front and back legs are spotted.  We love her head type, with her tiny ears and puffy whisker pads. She also has a great profile. She has no rib barring and has a really thick tail. More updates as she matures.


Praslin Heaven Sent

PKdef normal             HCM negative June 2015     N/N Normal- no copies of the PRA-b mutation

titanleft Heaven_LS_poster_scaled-700x466
Sire CH Anjali Titanic Seducer PKdef normal HCM Negative Mariebengal 24 Heaven PKdef normal HCM Negative ‚Äč

We are so proud to have this special girl join our breeding program. The combination of Titan and Heaven produces the most amazing kittens and now we have one of their best girls. We are so honoured to have this girl and we have our dear and closest friend Nikoletta to thank for this girl. Thank you Nikoletta. Nikoletta told me she is a copy of her mother Heaven so we called her Heaven sent. We thought the name was perfect for her. She has the most beautiful head and well placed nice ears  that are the perfect size.  Her eyes are large, she has puffy whisker pads, and she has a beautiful face.  I love that her rosettes are black outlined with brown centers. She has a beautiful light golden base coat. You can see that she is heavy boned and has a nice thick tail.   I just love this girl !!!! I am so excited to see her next month when I will be picking her up from Nikoletta. More updates once she matures.  We are very excited to breed her to Matrix.


Kanpur Gucci Premiere

PKdef Normal  N/N Normal- no copies of the PRA-b Mutation


Gucci Premire

3 weeks old

girl 1 heaven sent face

girl 1 heaven girl 1 may right
kanpur-rear Angel-June-29,-2012
Kanpur Checkmate Praslins Heavens Sent