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BellArista Daisy
Seal Mink Spotted Tabby
 She carries for Lynx, Sepia, Brown, Blue and Melanistic 
Thank you Nicole for these extra special pictures
Sire Journey Frostbite Of Bellarista
       Sepia        Dam  Leominipard Aurora borealis of BellArista                          
We are very happy to have Dasiy join our breeding program. We can not thank Nicole enough for this amazing girl. She is a extra special mink girl and she is just what we were looking for. We love everything about her. She will go so nicely with our boys and we will be adding a snow boy very soon. It  will be snowing at Kanpur. Again Thank you Nicole for trusting us with your keeper girl. 




BellArista Lulu
Seal Lynx Point  Carrier for Charcoal
PKdef normal       N/N Normal- No copies of the PRA-b Mutation    Feline Leukemia Negative
Sire Journey Frostbite Of Bellarista
                                                  Dam: Bellarista Lola
We are so happy to have Lulu join our breeding program and can not wait to see what she produces with both Magnum and Bear. Lulu is the most beautiful  Seal lynx we have ever seen.  We are just in love with her. We can not thank Nicole enough for her. She is a swet girl and loves to be petted and loves to play.  We will update her pictures as she matures. We see exciting babies in 2022. 
Thank You Nicole for these amazing pictures. 




Praslin Platinum Princess
PKdef normal       N/N Normal- No copies of the PRA-b Mutation
Sire and Dam
We are so excited to have Princess with us. We can not thank Nikoletta enough for her. We are excited to have silvers in our program We love everything about Princess. She has extreme contrast. small ears, a wonderful profile. Huge rosetting and most of all a very sweet personality. She purrs when you touch her. We look forward to her babies in the fall of 2021


Kanpur Echo
Pkdef n/n  Pra n/n negative.  By Parentage
The Boss c
Oasis Bengals Boss Mustang "The Boss"
                                                                                                        Praslin Seraphina
We are extremely excited to introduce our Echo. Echo is a wonderful example of the Bengal breed. She is everything we have been looking for in a girl from The Boss and Seraphina. Nice solid body, of coarse the huge rosetting and she has a very good profile. Nice thick tail and nice rounded ears.



Kanpur Jade 
Pkdef n/n  Pra n/n negative.  By Parentage
Another beauty we are adding to our program. She is sweet and very outgoing. This girl brings new lines to our program. She is a great Mom and we are very proud of her. Her coat is like silk.  
Heavenly Rosettes Dodge Barracuda
Oasisbengals Tequila Rose   "aka" Teea


Oasisbengals Tequila Rose   "aka" Teea
Pkdef n/n  Pra n/n negative.  By Parentage
Thank you Pamela Heath for this beautiful girl. We are extremely happy with Teea. She is a very sweet girl that loves to be petted. She is a beautiful golden girl. Teea has large rosetting, a nice head and a beautiful profile, meduim ears and a nice thick tail. Teea's coat is silky soft and short. Her mothers pedigree is new to us, so we are very happy about that. In these pictures she is due to have her babies in three weeks, so her pattern does not show up the best. We will take new pictures later. 
Sire: Kanpur Dreamboat of Oasisbengals HCM negative Pkdef n/n  Pra n/n negative. 
Oasisbengals Kiss Me HCM negative Pkdef n/n  Pra n/n negative.  


Apexexotics Brooklyn
                                                                  Pkdef n/n  Pra n/n negative.  By Parentage
Sire: Kanpur Atreyu  He is a brown spotted. 
                                                                Dam: Apexexotics Trail Blaser
We are so excited to have Brooklyn join us at Kanpur. Her Sire is a full littermate to Kanpur Desert First Aka "Tiramisu". Brooklyn  brings in new lines to Kanpur from her mothers side. We love everything about her and can not thank Katie enough for her. It is a honor to have one of Katies beautiful Bengals in our breeding proram. 

 Myanmar Jungle Love

Pkdef n/n  Pra n/n negative.  By Parentage

Oicspots Corvette Stingray

                                                                                        Myanmar  Best Kept Secert 
We can not say thank you enough to Myanmar for Jungle. We are so in love with her. She is everything we wanted in a new girl. We finally have a girl down from our Elysor Femme Fatale. She has extreme contrast. Stunning rosetting, beautiful ear set,rounded ears, nice long body. nice thick tail.    Pure for spotting

Kanpur Pillow Talk aka Baby

Pkdef n/n  Pra n/n negative. by Parentage
face baby
b baby
baby september 16
Pkdef n/n  Pra n/n negative.  
Bengalivo With out Words "Matrix"                                                                            Praslins Heaven Sent
We have waited for 2 years for this girl. We are so excited for her. Baby is everything we wanted from Matrix and Heaven. Baby has the clouded rosettes and the black outlines. Baby has a very good head on her and a thick tail. She has a silky coat and a great profile. Thank you Matrix and Heaven for this outstanding girl..