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Oasisbengals Boss Mustang  aka "The Boss"
PKdef normal                 N/N Normal- No copies of the PRA-b Mutation
HCM negative March 10, 2018
Pictures at 6 months old
The Boss
The Boss b
The Boss c
The Boss a
The Boss e
Pictured at 3 weeks old.              PKdef normal        N/N Normal- No copies of the PRA-b Mutation
The Boss face
The Boss 1
The boss 3
The boss 2
The Boss 4
   Sire: Kanpur Dreamboat of Oasisbengals
                                                                            Dam: Oasisbengals Laima

We are so thrilled to have "The Boss" with us. We wanted a boy down from "Matrix" and here he is. Kanpur Dreamboat is a son of "Matrix" We can not thank Elena and Vlad enough for this boy.  He is all purrs, from the minute that you touch him. He is a big boy at almost 6 months he weights 7.2 pounds.  He has a very wild look to his face and a very long body, his cost is silky smooth and he has a really great profile with a finished chin. He has small round ears and a nice thick tail  We are very excited to breed him to our girls. He is now almost  6 months old so here are his new pictures. "The Boss" is going to be a wonderful part of our breeding program. I wish I would have captured the black outline that his rosettes have. Trust me his rosettes are black outlined. 🙂




Heavenly Rosettes Dodge Barracuda
AKA "Mr Barracuda"
PKdef normal                 N/N Normal- No copies of the PRA-b Mutation
        Picture coming soon
Sire World CH Joanbengal Bulgari                                                                         Dam Heavenly Rosettes Luna 
We are so in love with "Mr Barracuda" He is everything we wanted in a male. We have been looking for a long time. Itis hard to find just the right boy. He has HUGE rosettes, just like we like. they are Black outlined. He has a nice light background, nice ear size. He is a huge boy for 5 months old. His coat is really short and is ultra soft. He has nice puffy whisher pads and nice smnall ears like his dad. He is just a baby in these pictures. He is also the sweetest boy and purrs the minute you touch him.  We can not thank Janos and Susan enough for this wonderful boy. We just love him. We are so excited to have "Mr Barracuda at Kanpur and were so excited when Janos said yes to us. Thank you again Janos and Susan and it was wonderful to meet both of you. 


Oicspots Corvette Stingray

PKdef normal        N/N Normal- No copies of the PRA-b Mutation 

  HCM negative March 10, 2018

Pure for Spotting

New pictures 6 months 


Pictures below 12 weeks 

Baby Stingray
                 Bellarista Im Gonna Shock Ya                                                                                  Tecspotsd Check Me out  
 We are amazed by this boy. When I picked him up at the airport he was moe then I imagined he would be..I just loved him at first sight. He started to purr the minute I touched him. Thank you to Teresa for the great work you did with him. He was 4.5 pound at 12 weeks a huge boy. His coat shines like glass, it is so short it looks painted on. He has a beautiful long body, intense contrast, large rosettes. small ears and a great profile and a thick tail. His personality is a non-stop purr . He is extremley sweet and very outgoing. We are thrilled to have him in our breeding program. Thank once again Teresa.  


Retired Males


Matrix has been retired. He was a very wonderful boy and we loved him very much. He has produced some of the very best kittens in so many breeding programs. We were so lucky to have him from Ivonne. We can not thank Ivonne enough for letting him come to us. We will miss him. He has the best pet home and will be loved and spoilt. 

Bengalivo Without Words of Kanpur


PKdef normal             HCM negative January 2014 also June 2015      N/N Normal- No copies of the PRA-b Mutation




Thank you Maribel  for this beautiful collage

6.5 weeks old

What can we say, his name says it all. "With out Words" what a perfect name. We feel so fortunate to have this boy.  Thank you to our dear and close friend Ivonne. She had requests from all over the world wanting this boy.  I just sent her one email asking for him and he was mine.  It is nice to have such a good friend. This boy is going to take us to another level in our breeding program.  We think he is just perfect. He has a wonderful profile, tiny well placed  ears, a beautiful head.  We love his huge black outlined rosettes with the rust centers. His tail is nice and thick.  He also has no rib bars. He is a very big boy.  More updates as he matures.

World Champion. Dazzledots on Cloud Nine PK def normal HCM Negative International Champion Kanpur Extreme Attraction PK def normal HCM Negative
This is just one of the many trophy's that Sky has won.

This is just one of the many trophy's that Breeze has won.

Thank you Ivonne for letting me have these wonderful Trophy's to display on my web site. Thank you Ivonne for showing both of these wonderful Bengals. They are truly amazing.




CH Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur

Retired Kadillac is in a very spoilt pet home and loved by his new owners.

PK-def n/n               HCM Negative June 2015                                 N/N Normal no copies of the PRA-b Mutation
8 months old
Sire Koppiekatz Don Juan   heart negative                                            Dam Topaz heartnegative
We can't Thank Viki and Bruce enough for this beautiful Golden Boy. They were so wonderful to work with and so kind to me. He has everything in a Bengal we could ask for. He has a straight profile, beautiful green eyes, long thick solid body and no rib bars. He has huge rosetting and a super thick tail . He has a sweet personality, he purrs the minute you touch him. A big Thank you to Viki and Bruce for their socialization.  He is extremely smart, he comes when he is called he knows his name. He does not look as golden in these pictures, but he is golden. He is just 4 months old and he is going to be a very big boy. We are extremely happy with him.