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Praslin Silver Dream Machine "aka" Bear
PKdef normal       N/N Normal- No copies of the PRA-b Mutation
Sire and Dam
We are extremely happy with this new boy. He is just what we were looking for. He is our first Praslin boy and we could not be happier. He has the perfect profile and huge rosettes, we love his pattern,  nice thick tail. He is a purr machine. He is only 15 weeks in these photos. We can not thank NIkoletta enough for this perfect boy. We just love him. We should see babies from him at the end of 2021. So exciting. 


Bellarista Storm Cloud Of Kanpur 

Stormy is a Mink and he carries for Lynx and Sepia

PKdef normal       N/N Normal- No copies of the PRA-b Mutation
We are over the moon with Stormy coming to Kanpur. We can not thank our good friend Nicole enough for him. It is going to be so exciting here are Kanpur. More updates as he grows and once he arrives.  We are so exited to be able to produce snows here at Kanpur
Sire Lion King  A-Murr/Fi
                                                                                                            Dam  Bellarista Eye Candy


CH Praslin Magnum 
Magnum carries for Blue
PKdef normal       N/N Normal- No copies of the PRA-b Mutation
Sire Unicum 
                                                               Dam:  Leap of Faith Creme
WOW Magnum is here with us. We can not thank Nikoletta enough for ths stunning boy. I remember seeing him at Nikoletta's home when he was 12 weeks old and fell in love with him. I am so pleased that he is with us now. He is going to make beautiful babies here at Kanpur. I am so excited to breed him to our girls. He looks just like these pictures he has not changed in his coloring at all. Thank you again Nikoletta for this sweet boy. We just love him. Our second boy from Nikoletta




Retired Males


Matrix has been retired. He was a very wonderful boy and we loved him very much. He has produced some of the very best kittens in so many breeding programs. We were so lucky to have him from Ivonne. We can not thank Ivonne enough for letting him come to us. We will miss him. He has the best pet home and will be loved and spoilt. 

Bengalivo Without Words of Kanpur


PKdef normal             HCM negative January 2014 also June 2015      N/N Normal- No copies of the PRA-b Mutation




Thank you Maribel  for this beautiful collage

6.5 weeks old

What can we say, his name says it all. "With out Words" what a perfect name. We feel so fortunate to have this boy.  Thank you to our dear and close friend Ivonne. She had requests from all over the world wanting this boy.  I just sent her one email asking for him and he was mine.  It is nice to have such a good friend. This boy is going to take us to another level in our breeding program.  We think he is just perfect. He has a wonderful profile, tiny well placed  ears, a beautiful head.  We love his huge black outlined rosettes with the rust centers. His tail is nice and thick.  He also has no rib bars. He is a very big boy.  More updates as he matures.

World Champion. Dazzledots on Cloud Nine PK def normal HCM Negative International Champion Kanpur Extreme Attraction PK def normal HCM Negative
This is just one of the many trophy's that Sky has won.

This is just one of the many trophy's that Breeze has won.

Thank you Ivonne for letting me have these wonderful Trophy's to display on my web site. Thank you Ivonne for showing both of these wonderful Bengals. They are truly amazing.