First day at home.

Hi Diana,

First of all, thank you so much for driving to the ferry. I know it was a busy weekend for you and unexpected. So very much appreciated!

Secondly, thank you so much for giving us such a sweet little angel. She is so friendly! She is purring lots and even seems to like being picked up which I was not expecting from a bengal kitten! She is currently sleeping in a room of her own. During the day I set her up in this very large cat tent and tubing system. She has loved it but it looks like she didn't need it for long as the boys already love her! Cicero has already licked her on the face and follows her around everywhere. Thunder just likes to lay down and watch her 😁. The other day she jumped over him while playing with Cicero 😆. They all seem like they will be best buds.

I just wanted to send you this quick update. I will send you more photos as she grows up.

Thanks so much again!

Ashley and Dirk


Kanpur Simba and his friend Pasily they just love each other. Thank you Amanda for this special picture. 



Kanpur Osho

We wanted to say  Hi and express our happiness with Osho.on his birthday. He is a beautiful, play crazy happy little bundle and we love having him in our lives. We took him to the vet for a full checkup and he got a clean bill of health. Weighed 12lbs 3 oz. but he has shot up again and must be around 13lbs now. He eats well, loves play and garden time and sleeps well. He is becoming more affectionate even and is a true joy to be around. Bengals are everything they and you said and we are very happy with our choice. Thanks again!  Guy and Daphne






Kanpur Dreamboat





Another beautiful boy that went to our friends Sarah Bengachat and Sven Gruel in Germany 




Diana and Carl,

Thank you so much for yet again providing us with such an amazing Bengal. I think the most sincerest compliment I can give is coming back to buy another one from you. Thank you for all your patience in letting us visit Cypress as she grew. As you can see, she is looking so gorgeous as she grows; looking more and more like her mother and father. And just like Summit, I’m amazed at how quickly she fit in and bonded with the rest of the family. Cypress and Summit are joined at the hip now.  She’s so sweet and cuddly! I really couldn’t ask for better. You did amazing work socializing her and it shows. 

Thanks again for everything!

Ami & Graham 



Hi Diana,

I hope all is well.

Baba Yaga is doing great.  He is a ChaterBox!  LOL.  Great cat.  Very playful!

You do a great job with socializing your cats.  He is very friendly with new people as well.

Have a great day.


Khalid Siddiqi




Kanpur Monty of Alluring Bengals 

We are very pleased with him and want to thank you again for letting us have him! 



Kanpur Draco Of Bengalivo

Thank you Ivonne for taking such wondrful care of this stunning boy. Looking forwrd to seeing his first babies. 



The father of our Brooklyn


Sage owned by Louisa Merlo She loves going out on the boat with her Mom and Dad.

When she is not on the boat she is snuggling in bed with them.  



Bella and Rocco sitting on top of the B.B’Q on the boat. They really like being there. Elli 



You have all the reason in the world to be very proud of Kanpur Zanuko of Awesome Bengals.

He had a fabulous show year.  He is now a Double Supreme Champion and at the Cat of the Year show this past Saturday he was announced the 4th best Male of the year.

He makes the most amazing babies and he is still the sweetest most Awesome Bengal boy alive.  

I love him soooo much.  Thank you AGAIN for my precious Zanuko Diana!




Hi Diana, 

Thank you!

I want to say again that I am so happy with this baby. She is Amazing beautiful and very well socialized. You must have taken her often in your hands. She purrs and is really really sweet. She already stole my heart. 

She has been accepted by Rogue and Vogue by now and discovering our living room. 





Kanpur Unique Edition Of Oasis Bengals





Hi Diana and Carl!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
Wanted to drop you a line and send some pictures of Dexter and Axel.  They have grown in the 2 weeks we have had them and they seem to be adjusting to their new home quite well! Axel has turned into a lap cat…we are still quite shocked how friendly and loving he is!! Dexter is very confident and loves to be pet, he is not quite a lap cat yet though! They both love to play together.
Shelby (our dog) has adjusted pretty good with the boys, they like to give her a swat every so often!
We are enjoying our vacation with the boys, we love playing with them and they are very entertaining!
All the best to you and your family in the New Year!

                                                                                                                                                                                  Shane and Tammy 

12 weeks

image (2)


photo 4





Hi Diana

I thought I would let you know that Ceili (pronounced Kailey and is the Scottish word for celebration) is doing amazingly well.  She has settled in beautifully.  She has already made friends with both of our other kitties.  Currently she is running around playing with our middle cat Cleo (pictured with her attached).  She is lovely kitten and has a wonderful personality.  


unnamed (1)



Hi Diana and Carl!

Ami here. It's hard to believe it's been a month since we brought Summit home with us. I figured you'd enjoy an update on him. 

Simply put, he's a joy in our lives. We are so happy with him. He only took days to be fully integrated into the family. I've never seen a new pet feel like a part of the family so quickly like Summit has. As you can see in some of the pictures, Summit and his new big brother, Kai, are very close. We never expected our Kai to bond like this but they are always together. They love to cuddle and wrestle. Whenever Summit is upset and cries, our other boy comes running and chatters to him and grooms him. Though there are times Kai gives me a exasperated look whenever Summit is being his kitten self. Even our Isis is warming to him. She's finding it hard not to love him. He's very patient and convincing for a kitten. He already has a lot of admirers(ie: my friends and family). We gel alot of people saying they want to visit us, which I, in turn, translate to 'I want to see your bengal kitten'. 
Health wise he's doing fine. He's growing like the bean sprout he is. He has a quiet purr and a loud voice (the irony is not lost on me). He looks more and more like his dad. He always wants food. Loves the water fountain. Has difficulty with impulse control whenever he sees human food. Lol! But he's a quick learner. Speaking of learning, my goodness bengals are intelligent! Already he knows how to fetch with paper balls, how to sit, high five and say 'please' (that last one might just be him talking excitedly because of food). We've also been doing some crate training with him. We have a porch and whenever we bring the cats outside, the boys go in the crate. (As they can easily make the jump to escape). Summit knows 'outside' means to go in the crate, and 'inside' back in the house. He loves to 'help' with laundry. ie: attack each piece I fold and chirp happily. He loves watching things on my iPad. We watch a bengal cat channel on YouTube and Summit loves talking to the cats when they talk. We video taped this. It's quite funny to watch. And that about wraps up the update. We think about visiting you guys often. Graham and I would love to stop by and say hi sometime. Hope all is well on your end!

Kind regards,
Ami and Graham

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)





Ozzy is so so funny, and so unbelievably bright. The other day we were cleaning a room and needed to keep him out for a minute so shut him out. His paws were waving under the door for a minute to get our attention, which is cute.  BUT a moment later, a peacock feather comes under the door waving to get our attention! This guy went upstairs, plucked a peacock feather out from a vase that was upstairs, dragged it down to the door to stick under and poke us with. I couldn't believe it – he uses tools. 

Another cheeky story – soon after bringing him home, we noticed that the plugs from all three bathroom sinks in the house were missing. Turns out he plucked them all out and plays hockey with them on the living room floor. We found them all under the couch. 

He gets loads of attention in the neighborhood when we take him out on leash. Never boring with this guy!